Terms & Conditions

Placement of an order to Radiator Direct by the purchaser shall be deemed as acceptance of Radiator
Direct’s terms and conditions. Orders are accepted for shipment and delivery subject to the purchase being paid for in full or for account customers the purchaser’s account being current and within its credit limit.

Products shall be sold at the quoted price or current price advertised on the date of receipt of the order.
Prices are quoted in Australian dollars and exclude GST and freight. All prices are subject to change
without notice. 

The customer shall inspect the goods upon delivery and shall within 7 days from the date of inspection give
written notice to Radiator Direct of any matter or reason why the goods are not in accordance with the
contract of sale. External damages or shortages, at time of delivery, must be noted on the carriers’ delivery
receipt and the driver must countersign the notation.

Goods will only be accepted for return after prior authorisation from Radiator Direct. Full particulars must be provided to Radiator Direct including part number, quantities, invoice number, and reason for return. Returned goods must be unsoiled and undamaged in anyway. All returns for credit must be made within 30 days of invoice date and sent on the purchasers’ freight account. Products that are air freighted in for customer orders will only have the product value, not the air freight amount credited. Returns of products requiring repackaging will incur a 20% restocking fee. Products returned in an unsaleable condition will not be accepted for credit. In this case any further freight to return the radiator to the purchaser will be charged to the purchasers’ freight account. Warranty Policy

Payment of goods shall be strictly inline with agreed trading terms for account customers, unless otherwise agreed by Radiator Direct
in writing. Accounts will be placed on stop credit at 35 days. Customers with an unsatisfactory payment
record may have credit refused and be placed on a COD (Cash on Delivery) account.
Payment options for non account customers are via the PayPal link on this site or via EFT to:-

Account Name: Radiator Direct
BSB: 013 223
ACCOUNT: 453886123.

Goods will not be shipped to non account customers paying by bank transfers until clear funds are received in our account. Orders being paid by PayPal are shipped as soon as the payment is completed. PayPal payments are accepted for purchase of $10.00 or more only

Title of property of the goods will not pass from Radiator Direct to the customer until the customer has paid
the price in full to Radiator Direct in accordance with these conditions. Until then, the customer possesses
the goods as a trustee.
If the customer:
a. Fails to pay the price in full when due:
b. Pays for the goods by cheque (in whole or in part) and that cheque is not met on presentation;
c. Commits any act of bankruptcy, becomes bankrupt, or is insolvent under administration, as defined in
section 9 of the Corporations Law; or
d. Has a controller appointed, as defined in section 9 of the Corporations Law, in respect of any of the
customer’s property;
Radiator Direct may enter onto the premises where the goods are situated and repossess the goods. 
The customer must also indemnify and keep Radiator Direct indemnified against, and pay to Radiator
Direct, all expenses, losses and damages incurred or sustained by Radiator Direct as a result of, or in
relation to Radiator Direct exercising its rights under:
i) This clause;
ii) Under any other term, express or implied, of these conditions; or
iii) Otherwise at law or in equity, and any bank or other costs, charges or expenses incurred by Radiator
Direct resulting from any customer’s cheque not being met on presentation.

7.  E&OE - Whilst every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this wesite, errors and omissions excepted.