Nissens radiators & A/C components Australia


Nissens is an international organisation with subsidiary companies in a number of countries throughout the world.

Nissens is organised in two divisions: the AUTO division and the OEM division. These two divisions operate as independent companies with each their own management and an organisational structure comprising both sales, production and logistics functions.

Since the founding in 1921, the company has been in the Nissen family’s possession, and today the group is owned and managed by the fourth generation, Alan Nissen. The group management consists of CEO Alan Nissen and Executive Vice President MikkelKrogslund Andersen.

Nissens’ production facilities add up to a total of 67,000 m² in Denmark, Slovakia and China, and also have 18 sales subsidiaries on three continents.


Nissens has specialized in manufacturing and supplying radiators and condensers for the automotive aftermarket. Nissens’ product range covers most of the models from the world’s 30 leading car manufacturers.

Nissens is recognized as an OES/OEM supplier to for instance PSA, SAAB, Fiat, Mazda, VW, Toyota, Honda, Scania, Lamborghini and Aston Martin. With a range of more than 10,000 products, Nissens has the broadest product range in the market.

Furthermore, Nissens’ First Fit system means that most radiators fit into more than one car model, thus saving both storage capacity and number of part nos. Finally, all cooling products are delivered with all the required mounting rings and bolts

5 mm Radiators

The latest technology offering even more efficient cooling

Nissens radiators is the first manufacturer in Europe to offer radiators produced in-house based on the latest 5 mm technology, thus meeting the need to combine a larger cooling efficiency with a significantly reduced need for space for the cooling unit.

What does 5 mm mean?

Originally, the 5 mm technology was introduced and applied in a selection of popular Japanese cars, e.g. Mazda, Suzuki and Toyota. Today, the European market potential is also growing, and the number of new cars equipped with the 5 mm cooling technology develops rapidly. The 5 mm term indicates that the spaces between the tubes in the radiator core are 5 mm. Until recently, the majority of aluminium radiators for cars were made with 10 mm tube distance. The remarkable distance reduction in 5 mm radiators generates a number of interesting benefits in comparison to the standard systems of 10 mm:

 Better cooling performance

 Reduction in cooling unit size; mainly in thickness in terms of less rows, but also in width and height

 Lower weight

New Nissens models available in 5 mm

Nissens commitment to offer the widest product range in the aftermarket means that more and more Nissens products apply the 5 mm technology. Today, radiators building upon the 5 mm technology comprise a full coverage of 35 OE numbers within 44 car models.